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As a leading professional copywriting service, White Label Copywriting South Africa aims to provide the most innovative brand-building solutions to assist digital media and marketing agencies in offering exceptional quality services to their clients. We help you give your clients a service that is focused on providing value for money. At White Label Copywriting South Africa we have fulltime employees that dedicate their specialist skills to creating well-thought-out expertly-written persuasive copy for a range of business and sales-focused goals.

Our unmatched expertise in email marketing offers your clients unique opportunities to cultivate prospective sales leads during the lifecycle of a sales sequence. Routine email ‘reminders’ are focused on keeping a client’s brand uppermost in the minds of potential buyers so that when it comes time to buy, they buy from your clients.

Email Writing

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Targeted Customized Campaigns

We provide an ongoing email marketing service to both you and your clients. The skills of our expert team of copywriters are focused on delivering ready-to-be-distributed copy that will suit the tone and voice of individual clients’ brands. Our email marketing packages are specifically customized to meet your clients’ needs and achieve their targeted business goals. We accommodate each email sequence request. From weekly email campaigns to fortnightly sequences.A key difference in the distinct service offered by White Label Copywriting South Africa is that we can, on your clients’ behalf, load email campaigns into any of the commonly-used email management systems like Mailchimp. For more proprietary systems, we would need a clear descriptive run-down and open communication with the agency or client on how the system works.

Due to the high volume capacity and long reach of email marketing, the favourable opportunities for your client acquiring an increase in sales leads makes this approach a highly advantageous one. In addition to this, it is a smart cost-effective way to directly target a mass audience almost instantaneously.

Offer your clients an increase in the ROI on their marketing efforts. Outsource all your copywriting needs, including email marketing campaigns to White Label Copywriting South Africa.