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Are you looking for well-written press releases that get the right exposure and desired attention for your clients’ business brands? A well-written press release remains an unshakable force in successful business brand promotion and one of the most useful marketing tools still available to brand exposure.

At White Label Copywriting our team of highly experienced and expert wordsmiths can turn news-worthy items into relevant well-thought-out press releases (intended for both online and offline use) ready to be included in mainstream media for clients of media agencies and PR executives. The easier and more hassle-free you make it for journalists to include your content, the more likely you are to gain exposure for your client’s brands.

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Punchy Press Releases For Mainstream Media

The press release has been effectively used by media, public relations and marketing agencies to boost the reach of their clients’ business brands for years now. As a professional service provider in quality business writing services, we not only offer impressive turnaround times, but ensure we deliver copy that is error-free by putting multiple quality checks in place. We craft press releases for a wide range of business industries.

Our seamless briefing process ensures that all quotes and essential information relevant to the business announcement (such as specific dates and locations) are supplied by the client through the agency. This ensures a quality written press release is delivered well before the deadline.

Another favourable factor of effective press releases is that they can draw attention to key benefits and features of a brand’s product, and in return, boost the client’s sales margins.

By outsourcing press releases to an expert copywriting service, you can encourage your clients to benefit from an active press release strategy with regular news-related releases keeping them in the public’s consciousness. In this way they can quite easily and quickly build trust and credibility and enjoy a wider audience reach.

Use efficient high quality press release writing services from White Label Copywriting to help your clients:

  • Get the best possible positive exposure for their business
  • Celebrate achievements and milestones
  • Announce the launch of a new business product or service
  • Draw attention to a special business event
  • Announce a new business partnership or new acquisition

With our distinctive press release writing service, you get press releases portraying the message of your clients accurately and that motivates relevant parties to take the desired action of actively seeking more information.